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Bingo online

Bingo online

Bingo is one of the most popular games in Australia and is played everywhere from churches to pubs to retirement homes to casinos, and thanks to bingo online, it’s only increased in popularity. Aussies love a fair go, and bingo is one of the fairest games. 

Bingo used to have a reputation of an old lady playing with an oversized marker.Today, younger generations are experiencing the fun and excitement of bingo too!

Gone are the days of having to fight the crowds in Australia at Crown Casino in Melbourne, The Star Casino in Sydney, or the Treasury Casino in Brisbane, thanks to an online casino. You can now play from the comfort of home 24 hours a day, seven days a week for real money using your smartphone and the fully-optimised mobile casino website.

How to play bingo online?

Bingo is a straightforward and easy to learn the game. Playing online bingo is very similar to playing at a real bingo hall, only without the noise and crowded tables. 

Numbers are randomly drawn until a player crosses off a line or pattern of numbers first. In a live bingo hall, there is a ‘caller’ who will spin the bingo balls, and select a ball, then call out the number. For bingo online, the numbers will instead appear on the screen. 

To win, the pattern on your bingo card can be either diagonal, horizontal, vertical, or another predetermined pattern or shape.

Instead of having a physical bingo card which you can choose from, the cards are randomly generated by the online casino. If you’re not happy with the cards, you can generate new cards with different numbers. 

The game takes place on the bingo card, and each card costs the same to play. It’s possible to buy multiple cards.

When you play live, you call out BINGO when you have a win. When you are playing bingo online, the software will automatically identify when you have a winning combination. 

There are three common Bingo games: 75, 80 ball, or 90-ball. 

75 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular version of online bingo. Each card consists of a 5x5 grid, with BINGO written across the top. The grid contains randomly drawn numbers. 

The numbers are displayed as follows:

  • Beneath the B: 1-15
  • Beneath the I: 16-30
  • Beneath the N: 31-45
  • Beneath the G: 46-60
  • Beneath the O: 61-75
  • In the middle square, there is also a free space. 

80 Ball Bingo

The numbers are arranged on a 4x4 grid, with each column being a different colour. The game is very similar to 75 ball bingo for the winning patterns and lines.

90 Ball Bingo

The bingo card is arranged with three horizontal lines and nine columns. In the first column are the numbers 1-9, the second column has 10-19, the third column has 20-29 etc. Players match numbers on a single line first, then a second line and a ‘full house’ is a jackpot. 

If you are just getting started, maybe you want to try one or two cards, but if you want to increase your chance of winning, and the excitement, you can buy multiple tickets. 

After the first number is drawn, the game begins. The numbers will continue to be drawn regularly, and appear on the screen. 

For bingo online, you can manually mark the numbers yourself, or it can happen automatically. If doing so manually, you need to be quick to keep up with the numbers drawn.

When you have five numbers in a row in a line or pattern first, you are the winner. The software will automatically detect when you win. If there is another player who also wins at the same time, then the real money winnings will be shared between you. 

Each online casino has slight variations, so be sure to check the specific rules before playing.

Is online bingo fixed?

Many people who are new to online gambling wonder if bingo online is fair or if it is fixed. When playing online, it’s not possible to see the balls which are drawn, the other players, or how numbers get generated. 

Because of this, people often assume it means that it’s rigged. However, while it may have happened in the past with dodgy casinos, it’s rare these days. 

Another reason it may seem that casino games online are fixed is that the same players seem to win regularly. However, there’s usually a reason for this. Such as:

  • They buy more tickets for each game, which increases their chance of winning
  • They play more often, which statistically gives them a higher chance to win
  • They use bonus offers to purchase more tickets for each game

The most important thing to remember is to use a licensed online casino with a solid reputation. Then you can trust that their games are fair and that you have a chance to win real money.

Can you win money with online bingo?

A lot of people play online bingo for fun and to have a good time. However, like all casino games, it is the chance to win real money which keeps Aussies coming back for more.

Largely a social and luck-based game, you can still have a bingo strategy to increase your chances to win. It’s important to realise that bingo online is a game of chance rather than skill. There is no guarantee that any strategy will help you win a game, but it can help to improve your chances.

Play When Fewer Players Are Online

While playing slots, the more people who play, the higher the jackpots will be. However, when playing bingo at an online casino, the amount of real money you can win doesn’t decrease or increase based on the number of players. 

Consider playing at times with not as many players, such as weekdays, late at night or early morning. 

Buy More Bingo Cards

The more bingo online cards you have, the greater the chance you have to win. You can also improve your chances to win by being able to complete a pattern by combining each bingo card you have together.

Granville Bingo Strategy

Joseph Granville created a strategy which became so popular. It’s often thought of as the only strategy you need to win. Try to find a card with an equal number of: 

High and low numbers

Odd and even numbers

Numbers which end with the same number.

Welcome Bonus and Offers

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Ignition Casino has a large variety of exciting casino games to play for real money in addition to online bingo. People who enjoy the fun and excitement of bingo usually also love playing Keno and the pokies. Try your hand at Poker, Blackjack, or Craps. Or feel like a high roller trying your luck at Baccarat or Roulette

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