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Ignition Casino brings you all of your favourite casino games with a live casino available 24/7 online, wherever you are. Now open to Aussie players who enjoy winning real Australian dollars playing all of their favourite games, you can now experience all of the same the thrills and excitement of a live dealer in a brick and mortar casino delivered directly to your desktop or smart device instead. 

If you’ve ever been a patron of The Star Casino in Sydney then you know what to expect from a live casino experience. You generally walk into a giant playing hall past a whole host of distractions and have your clothes assessed by security working the doors. There are dress codes in place which stop you wearing whatever you really feel like wearing and there are usually parties of people interrupting your gaming experience. The tables at the Crown Casino Melbourne staffed with a live dealer are much the same. If you’re there to play for real money and you’re there to experience the thrill of the casino games in all of their glory, then you can expect frequent distractions, smaller payouts, a parking cost and uncomfortable attire. Brisvegas in sunny Brisbane will give you the same kind of restrictions and trekking into Perth for a few hands of blackjack is more about the live casino vibe – if it really exists – than it is about real gameplay for real wins.

Online gambling is as old as the internet and access to a casino online has been around for decades, too. What is new and exciting now, however, is the Australian gambling access to the best online casino alternatives like us, Ignition Casino. 

We are a 100% legitimate casino operating entirely online and delivering the same level of thrills and excitement to your desktop and smart devices that sitting down to a live dealer will offer you. The biggest differences? You’re not subject to clothing rules when you visit Ignition Casino online, you will be rewarded with perks like free spins and a host of other bonus offers just for choosing to play online with us, and you can also win bigger than your local club or casino. That’s absolutely true. The payouts when you play all of your favourite games are bigger when you play online rather than if you were playing the same games at a live casino.

If you’re familiar with the layout of an online casino and you have even had the opportunity to play your favourite games like blackjack online, the pokies online, and even Keno, then you probably had that experience on an overseas site. The biggest online casinos have traditionally been heavily prohibited in Australia but all of that is changing and Ignition Casino is very proud and excited to open our doors online to Aussie players looking the best payouts from the casino classics like craps and baccarat, and the latest online slots including our video poker machines.

When you join our little online family and start playing your favourite games, you play exactly the way you would in any other venue or live casino. The games are the same or better with a variety of special online only versions available alongside the more traditional table games you’d find a live dealer at. So, if you’re looking for a spin on the roulette wheel, run the numbers playing Bingo, or you have your eye on a progressive jackpot machine, you simply create your online account, deposit funds to your playing credits and get started. We accept all of your usual payment options and you are paid out in Aussie dollars too. You can use your credit card, direct deposit methods or even your Bitcoin balance. If you’re looking for a faster payout option then we recommend opting for your credit card as probably the best way to go. Direct deposits into your bank account will incur the standard waiting times so plan ahead for that.

Where to get started? So, you’re here and you’re wanting to compare your playing options with what you’ve already come across at the tables in a standard live casino. Now, you’re looking for why Ignition Casino should be your destination first time and every time. Relax, it can look a bit overwhelming to start with but we’re confident you’ll come to love the amount of playing options you have in a very short time.

Starting with the pokie machines, let’s dispel any apprehension about them not being legit because they’re online. If they didn’t actually payout better than the live casino options then they wouldn’t really last long and we have hundreds of different, high paying options to choose from. They are definitely legitimate games and they will pay out higher than their physical button-bashing counterparts at your local club, pub or casino. Seeing is believing, of course, so we invite you to check it out for yourself. Progressive jackpot machines are the ones to keep your eyes out for because they carry a sweet little cash explosion when some lucky punter manages to sweep the pot.

If you’re a fan of the cards and you prefer your games a bit punchier than the pokies or you like to shake things up a bit and give them a break once in a while, then we can tempt you out to the card tables when all of your favourite games, plus a few more you might never have actually come across before. Our blackjack variations include Single Deck and Double Deck 21 where the house edge is so thin you can barely make it out at all. Don’t just take our word for it!

Blackjack is one of those really golden oldies and a pretty simple game to wrap your head around initially. The strategies can become very elaborate and if you enjoy counting cards or holding a lot of maths in your head, then that’s definitely a fun card table to sit down at. We do have a few other casino greats including baccarat which still manages to capture the thrill and fancy of many a card player. If you’ve never played and always wanted to know what it was like, you can follow our tips and strategy advice and then run your chosen card game in Practice Mode to understand what it feels like to really play before you start placing bets. 

In fact, you can run pretty much all of the available casino games in Practice Mode to get your head around what they offer and how to place your bets properly before you charge off into the real fun. You can even load our pokies in Practice Mode, so you know what to expect. We want to ensure that you’re enjoying yourself as much as possible so choose your games wisely and try everything at least once.

There are also a swathe of live poker games and tournaments which run along our regular online schedule. Note down the big games, pick your preferred poker style and let the chips fall where they may.

Give us a try and see for yourself why online casino playing is always better than your live casino and why Ignition Casino is the premier destination for Aussie players who want to win big.

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