Learn to Play Online Slots for Real Money

Play Online Slots for Real Money and Claim Your Bonus

Learn to Play Online Slots for Real Money

Real money Slots are the No. 1 game played in casinos all around the world, online or live, and since moving to the online gambling realm, they’ve exploded in popularity even further in different casinos. It’s easy to see why; these casino games are simple to play and those who play get massive real money jackpots. The online play versions are even more popular than the ones you’d get in a land-based casino, as they offer a wider range of themes, making it easy to find something that appeals to everyone. In this online casino slots guide, you’ll learn how online slots work, including information on casino house edge, and get a rundown of the different types of slots available at Ignition Casino for real money. 


Slot Machine Basics in Casinos

Slots have come a long way from the old fruit machines found in neighborhood taverns. Back then, players would pull a lever to get a series of mechanical reactions that spins the reels of the game. Winning rounds at the casino were paid by the bartender in real money until the automatic coin dispenser was invented and one would get real money after every win instantly.

When players play online slots for real money, it works differently. Less machine-like, they operate digitally, using Random Number Generator technology in order to dictate the result of each round. Instead of triggering a chain of mechanical reactions, hitting the “Spin” button of an online slot sets forth a series of complex calculations based on algorithms using a random seed number. The numbers that casino players get at the end of the equation coincide with an end point on each reel, which is where the spinning stops. If matching icons happen to line up on those end points, there’s a winning real money outcome.








How the House Gets its Edge in Slot Machines

Casinos are able to operate as a business because of the casino house edge built into their real money games. “House edge” is the advantage that a casino has over the player in any given casino game especially with real money. In order to generate this profit, new casino games are designed in a way that ensures casinos get a small percentage of bets over the long-term. For a simple example of casino house edge, let’s consider the roulette bets Red and Black—ignoring the green slot included on the wheel. If half the numbers are red and half are black, casino players would have 50/50 true odds of winning. In order for the casino to accommodate their edge, they would have to pay out slightly less than even-money for every win.

Casino players can certainly beat the house in individual sessions. At any time, casino players could win a massive real money jackpot after a big play that puts you ahead. But the longer one plays and spins, the closer outcomes adhere to the casino house edge that’s built into the game you’re playing.

With casino house edges that range from 2% to 10%, online video slots play are no different. Based on the real money payouts, number of winning combinations, and bonus features, the casino house edge is incorporated into the game play by the manufacturer.

RTP, short for Return to Player, is the opposite of the casino house edge. It’s the amount that players can expect to get from their wagers over the long run. As a basic example, if the casino house edge for a slot is 4.5%, the Return to Player would be 95.5%, which translates to a $0.95 real money return for every dollar wagered.

Not all online casino slots include the RTP in the menu, but we’re seeing this online transparency more than before with newer games for real money play. For example, one of our newest releases, Genie’s Gifts, includes an RTP of 95% in the game rules, with a breakdown that includes the main game’s RTP (45.3%) and the bonus RTP (49.7%). As for casino games that don’t include the RTP, you can typically find the information by consulting online slot libraries and reviews. Equipped with this online slots information, you can make informed decisions about which slots will give you the most return for your wagers—if that’s your top priority in game selection.


Play Online Slots for Real Money


Different Types of Slots

When you go to play online slots in our casino for the big win, all the available games will populate, and there are a lot of them. To help navigate the vast selection of play options, use the Slots Games drop-down menu to filter these spin games into the following nine ways.


New Games

The most popular online slot games at casinos are often the newest games to hit the market, as casino players like to keep their finger on the pulse of new releases to play. To help facilitate, we put these games in their own separate category.



The most interactive slots in our casino are the i-Slots. These games are equipped with progressive rounds, skill-testing mini games, and engaging new story lines to play online.



Real-Series is a popular brand of online slots that have a few things in common: progressive jackpots that are triggered randomly, 2-dimensional graphics that have a vintage vibe, and 5-reel, 20-line formats with non-fixed paylines. Caesar’s Empire is one of the most played slot games within the Real-Series brand.


Video Slots

A lot of our video slots spins along a story line. Game play is often preceded by an introductory clip giving you a sense of what to expect. Champs Elysee showcases a woman visiting a Parisian café, and Catsino starts things off with a clip of a bustling casino full of anthropomorphized felines. Deposit with real money, play the story with all your spins, and win with each of these new video slots games. 








3D Slots

To see just how much slots have progressed at casinos, take a look at the 3D Slots section in our casino. These cinema-quality graphics are second to none. You can party with panda bears, or discover the Lost Secret of Atlantis among other things, and it’s all in glorious 3D play and for real money.



Players on the hunt to play a big progressive real money jackpot will find what they’re looking for in the Progressive Slots section. This play category includes random progressive money jackpots and non-random ones. The random money jackpots can be triggered at the end of any given spin—even losing spins. As for the non-random ones, you have to land the top winning combination on max bet to get them.


Three Reels

All slots contain reels; they’re what the symbols rotate around when you hit “Spin.” Simple slot games have just three reels and one to three pay lines, which creates a slot experience that feels more like a traditional slot machine play at casinos. These games can all be found in the Three Reels section of our Slots page.


Rival Games

Rival is a popular brand of online slots that offer every type of play from 3-reel classics to complex i-slots with progressive rounds. You’ll notice that a lot of the graphics of Rival slot games are quirky animations intended to show the fun side of slots when one spins the reels to play and to win.


Five Reels

The counterpart of 3-reel slots is the 5-reel slot. These games have the capacity to offer more complex themes, a greater range of bonus features, and more pay lines. While it can be more challenging for beginners to play along the action of a 5-reel slot, the payout is a more comprehensive slot experience. Grab your pickax and try our most popular Five Reels slot: Gold Rush Gus, to play and win real money.


Playing online slots for real money offers one a solid trade-off between new entertainment and win payouts. With no learning curve, slots let one play in any themed adventure and potentially win a jackpot for real money. Traipse through Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood in search of Maid Marian, or go on an intergalactic space odyssey in search of celestial treasures. The best play and spins are endless.

Play Online Slots for Real Money