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Ignition Casino has a proud tradition of offering the highest quality poker online experience and now we are extending our tables to players from Australia. If you enjoy playing poker for real money or are keen to learn the rules, then we have a table waiting for you available on desktop or mobile platforms.

We offer our players three types of online poker: Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, otherwise known as Flop Games. If you’re new to poker online, don’t worry. We have a detailed tutorial available showing you how each of our games and tournaments work so you can start playing while you learn. For seasoned poker players who are used to kicking it at the Crown Casino tables in or Melbourne or The Star in Sydney, we have plenty to hold your interest too. We’ll start with the deposit bonus, shall we? As a player at Ignition Casino, you are offered a neat and tidy $1k just for making your first deposit. We don’t stop there, either. Check out our promotions page to get the details on each bonus we offer and how you can qualify for all of them.

How to win online poker?

There are plenty of professional and amateur players out there who make a fine living playing poker games. Just like a live casino in Brisbane or Perth, you win real money playing at our tables and our poker online caters to recreational and professional players alike with a range of tables to hold your interest. You can play ring games when you want or keep an eye out for the dates and times of our regularly run tournaments. Playing a tournament can be a great way to cut your gums as a new player. Our tournaments attract a lot of players so you can feel your way against opponents better, worse or just as confident as you. This will help you to win a few important pokers hands at the start of your new poker career.

Not ready for a tournament just yet? If you’re new and you’re keen to learn how to win at poker then stop by our poker rules page. We break down how to play poker and teach you the basics of a poker strategy for the all of the games we offer. You can learn while you play but we suggest you keep your stakes low for the first game or five until your confidence builds, even if you’ve got the play money or the bitcoin for a pretty significant bankroll. The key to finding your own individual edge playing poker is patience. 

How to play online poker in Australia?

We offer our Aussie players both desktop and mobile poker options. With our In-Software casino games, you can download our desktop client and have all of your favourites instantly available from your home computer. Our available games include a range of poker options for all of our available games as well as a few other casino hits. If you like playing the tables or the spinning the wheels at Treasury Casino, then you’ll enjoy our online alternatives. Play a few pokies, some roulette, and craps at home between poker hands, or keep your blood pumping at the card tables with a bit of blackjack and baccarat. Enjoy the numbers or fancy your chances against fate? Join a game of Keno or Bingo with us too. 

How to play poker online for real money?

There are all kinds of online poker available out there but what you should always be looking for is a reputable casino or big name that you can trust, particularly if you’re just starting out. We are firmly established as a one of the best online websites with a range of features catering to both recreational and professional players. Our games and options ensure that all of our players can be circulated evenly amongst themselves so that new players won’t be targeted by sharks and bled dry while they’re still finding their feet, and professional players or very experienced amateurs can hone their skills playing like-minded opponents. 

Our anonymous tables are the perfect way to keep your game play real, fresh and exciting, regardless of the level that you’re playing at. When you play online poker using a recognisable username, other players begin to build a mental profile of your game. At the elite levels of poker, players can use these profiles effectively and build them into their own poker strategy, but as a newcomer to the game you don’t want to be so easily read. Playing at an anonymous table ensures that you can play your poker cards at your own level and learn – or blunder - at your own pace. Your opponents will not be able to use HUDs – Heads Up Displays – which enable them to collect playing information against you and counter you hand to hand. As a new player you will probably alternate between bluffing on the river or playing more conservatively to find the best strategy for your individual game and you will likely make a lot mistakes at the start. As you get better and better, GTOs – Game Theory Optimal – may well become part of your strategy. You may want to know how tight your opponent is and when their bet/bluff frequency should be taken note of. 

We don’t recommend becoming too concerned about HUDs as you start out. GTOs and the use of them are dependent upon more experienced players, generally. When you begin playing poker online, you will probably be a bit all of the place which makes it harder and, strangely, not easier to predict your strategies. You may well find that this unpredictability could win you a few hands at the start from more experienced and more conservative players inclined to fold when you’re wildly bluffing on 5th street.

Quick seat poker online was designed for players who are either short on time or who just don’t like hanging around and waiting for a seat to open up. Simply select the game you want to play from our available Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Omaha Hi/Lo games, select your stakes, and we’ll position you at a table as soon as possible. Jackpot Sit-and-Go has been carefully designed for mobile players offering the same exciting game play for devices that you’ll find playing our desktop games. 

Is online poker rigged?

Anyone who’s interested in online gambling will be worried about being taken to the cleaners and that’s completely understandable. We can’t speak for other online poker games, but we can assure you that our games are 100% legitimate. We take our gameplay very seriously and there are extensive measures in place to keep underaged players out as well as help players who find their online gambling a concern for their real-life commitments. 

Whether you’re new to online poker in Australia or an Aussie pro looking for fast and reliable play, Ignition Casino has a table waiting for you right now. 

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