Mobile Video Poker

Mobile Video Poker

One of the coolest things about the old “Game King” video poker machines was when you’d find one hidden away in your grandparents’ den. You can’t exactly take a roulette wheel or craps table back from the casino, but video poker machines managed to find their way into private ownership more than most games..


The Benefits of Playing Mobile Video Poker

The Benefits of Playing Mobile Video Poker

Fast forward to 2018 and anyone can bring their favorite video poker games with them on the go, thanks to Ignition Casino’s convenient mobile play feature. Simply pull up Ignition Casino using any smartphone, tablet, or device to play mobile video poker wherever you find an internet connection..


For fans of Apple and its powerful iOS operating system, any iPhone 4 or higher, along with any iPad, is good to go for mobile video poker.


Google devotees who favor the Android operating system can play mobile casino games like video poker via any Samsung Galaxy smartphone, plus Blackberry devices, and the Amazon Fire tablet.


No matter which operating system you prefer, you can play video poker while on the go thanks to Ignition’s mobile casino real money functionality. Every single one of the more than 200 games found on the site has been adapted for mobile play, so you won’t miss out on any of your favorite versions of video poker.


Safest Online Casino for Video Poker

Safest Online Casino for Video Poker

As one of the longest running continually operated online casino brands in the world, Ignition Casino prides itself on guiding & protecting players every step of the way.


For the sake of this guide, its important to note that before you even place your first video poker bet, you’ll need to submit registration information to help verify your identity.


With your account created, verified, and registered, the safeguards extend throughout every aspect of the site courtesy of advanced SSL encryption. Short for Secure Socket Layer, the SSL service ensures a fully encrypted link between your web browser and the Ignition Casino servers. Under an SSL-protected connection, any and all data exchanged between you and the site remains 100% concealed by an uncrackable encryption code.


And speaking of your web browser, mobile video poker can only be accessed through the following services:

  • Internet Explorer 11.0 and higher
  • Safari 4
  • Firefox 3.0 and higher
  • Google Chrome


Safari is the browser of choice for iOS enthusiasts, while Android users tend to stick with Google Chrome, so you should be covered no matter which device you’re currently carrying.


Whenever you have access to a reliable wi-fi connection, just pull up your web browser and access the Ignition Casino homepage like you normally would. With the site loaded on your mobile device, head to the video poker menu and find your favorite game to get the cards going.



Real Money Mobile Video Poker

Real Money Mobile Video Poker

The selection of mobile casino real money video poker games offered by Ignition Casino is truly unparalleled within the industry.


When you want to play video poker while on the move, you’ll find no less than 17 games waiting:

    •   Bonus Deuces Wild (1 Hand)

    •   Bonus Poker (1 Hand)

    •   Bonus Poker Deluxe (1 Hand)

    •   Deuces Wild (1 Hand)

    •   Double Bonus Poker (1 Hand)

    •   Double Double Bonus Poker (1 Hand)

    •   Double Jackpot Poker (1 Hand)

    •   Double Double Jackpot Poker (1 Hand)

    •   Loose Deuces (1 Hand)

    •   Jacks or Better (1 Hand)

    •   Jacks or Better (3 Hands)

    •   Jacks or Better (10 Hands)

    •   Jacks or Better (52 Hands)

    •   Joker Poker (1 Hand)

    •   Joker Poker (3 Hand)

    •   Joker Poker (10 Hand)

    •   Joker Poker (52 Hand)


As you can see, the selection ranges from the standard video poker variant Jacks or Better to its more modern offshoots like Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker Deluxe, and Joker Poker. In each case, the games play out identically to what you’d find on one of those tried and true “Game King” machines.


As you can tell by our recommendations for starting hands, you’re going to be folding a lot when you’re at the poker table. Folding is your friend and should be treated like your best friend when you’re just starting out. The biggest mistake made by players of all skill levels is getting involved in pots they shouldn’t, just because they want the action. Don’t let this happen to you. As a beginner, remember this truism: Losing a stack hurts you twice as much as winning a stack helps you. Fold in marginal situations until you get really good at poker.


You’ll choose your preferred coin denomination, along with the number of coins (1-5) wagered on each deal. From there, the virtual dealer will dispense five cards randomly from the deck, and your job is to hold and/or discard however many you’d like ahead of the draw. Finally, with your replacement cards dealt out, your final five-card hand is scored against the game’s pay table to determine your winnings.


For the classic game of Jacks or Better, you’ll be playing with the standard poker hand rankings – beginning with one pair of at least Jacks, followed by two pair, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, a straight flush, and finally, the jackpot-triggering royal flush.


And as you can see, both Jacks or Better and Joker Poker – a game which inserts a wild joker card into the deck – offer multi-hand (1, 3, 10, or 52) playability. Depending on the version you choose, you’ll deal out separate sets of replacement cards during the drawing round for the same starting hand.


What’s better than hunting the deck for that single Queen of Spades needed to complete your royal flush draw? Well, drawing three cards – or 10, or even 52 – to see whether lady luck smiles today certainly sounds about right.


How to Deposit and Cash Out on Mobile Devices

How to Deposit and Cash Out on Mobile Devices

When the winning is done and you’d like to cash out, mobile video poker on Ignition Casino makes things incredibly easy.


To initiate a deposit or a withdrawal via your mobile device, just head straight to your casino dashboard like you would when playing at home. From there, click on one of the two transaction buttons – “Make a Deposit” or “Request a Withdrawal” – to begin the process.


Next up, enter the amount you’d like to deposit or withdraw and run through the requisite steps to complete the transaction.


For deposits, your account will be credited instantly as it would if you were playing from a desktop or laptop. Simply click the “Refresh” button to reload the site and your funds will appear in seconds.


For withdrawals, the usual processing time period of up to 48 hours will still apply, but after that your funds will arrive according to the listed industry standard wait times.