They’re some of the most popular casino games in the world, but how much do you know about Video Poker? These machines can get lost in the shuffle; they’re not slot machines, and they’re not poker, but they combine the best of both worlds to give you a fun game that you can actually beat – if you play your cards right. Here are five facts about Video Poker to get you in the Royal mood.

1. The Player Has the Edge – Sometimes

If you use an optimal strategy, or even a near-optimal strategy, most Video Poker games will generate a very small house edge of less than 1%. Some games at live casinos, like Deuces Wild, actually flip the edge in favor of the player. Make sure to bet the maximum five coins per hand to take full advantage.

2. Optimal Strategies Are Available

Every variation of Video Poker has its own optimal strategy, and people have used computers to figure these strategies out. You can find them on the internet and memorize them. Easier near-optimal strategies will get you most of the way there while you’re learning the ropes.


3. Progressive Jackpots Make the Player’s Edge Even Bigger

If you make a Royal Flush on a game with a progressive jackpot, you’ll win extra money – and if the jackpot has grown big enough, you’ll have a positive expectation with every hand you play.


4. Games Have Been Around for 40 Years

The first Video Poker machines were modifications of a failed online slot machine introduced in 1975 by the Fortune Bell Company. The modded machines were so popular, by 1979, the first Draw Poker game was unveiled by a company known today as International Game Technology – the largest slot machine/Video Poker manufacturer in the world.


5. Las Vegas Is the Hotbed

You’ll find Video Poker across the globe, but in the United States, Las Vegas is the place to be. These machines are very popular among the locals; if you go off the Strip and try some of the “local casinos” and casino bars, you can get better odds and promotions when you play. You’ll also meet some very interesting characters along the way.