Improve Your Bitcoin Investment with these Casino Games

Bitcoin has exploded in popularity this year. Since the calendar flipped to 2021, the value of this de-centralized cryptocurrency has surged to new heights, going as high as $60,743 for one Bitcoin just a couple of weeks ago. It’s clear that people are seeing the benefits of a 100% digital currency that can be used globally.

It can also be used right here at Ignition Casino. We’re encouraging players to use Bitcoin to deposit and play now more than ever before. Bitcoin paves the way for a simpler and more enjoyable online casino gaming experience, so we fully endorse it. To get you started, we’re recommending four casino games that are popular with our Bitcoin players, and then wrapping up the article with an explanation on how to buy Bitcoin online and deposit it into your Ignition Casino account. 

Withdraw Your Winnings Fast with Bitcoin at Ignition

One way to get Bitcoin is to play a casino game and win. Online Bitcoin is a withdrawal option here at Ignition, meaning you can request to withdraw your bankroll via Bitcoin. The following four games are good starting points for the Bitcoin curious.

Gold Rush Gus

Not too many people can afford to purchase entire Bitcoins from the get-go, but when you play Gold Rush Gus, you have an opportunity to win a $136K progressive jackpot. That’s enough to buy over two entire Bitcoins—quite the jumpstart for a Bitcoin portfolio. In order to access the progressive jackpot, you must land two Key symbols anywhere on the reels; these symbols cause a mole to emerge from the ground to present you with a treasure chest. The contents of the chest will be one of four prizes that includes a mini jackpot, a bonus game, an instant cash win, or a progressive jackpot.

777 Deluxe

Another online slot that makes it possible to earn Bitcoin easy is 777 Deluxe. Spin the reels and watch for the Mystery icon, which appears as a Question Mark. They may not seem like much when just one or two appear on the reels, but if you get three, you’ll head to a second-screen bonus round where you could win the game’s progressive jackpot that’s worth almost an entire Bitcoin at press time. You get to spin a special set of reels and watch your winnings tally up based on the color combinations you land. Three gold sevens are required for the jackpot.


A random progressive jackpot isn’t an option in the top-played table game in our casino. Most Blackjack players prefer to be able to influence the the outcome of each round. Anyone can master this popular card game by learning basic Blackjack strategy—and with no one else waiting for you to play your cards, you can take however long you want to make the optimal move. In addition to learning the proper strategy, game selection also has an impact on your Blackjack returns, and we have eight options to choose from, beginning with Single Deck Blackjack. 

Caribbean Poker

Poker is another game that attracts a more strategic crowd. With Caribbean Hold’Em and Stud, you get two fun table games that pit you against a dealer instead of a table full of poker players. Both games share a progressive jackpot that pays for a Royal Flush. Just be sure to put $1 on the Progressive Jackpot side bet at the start of each round to be eligible for it. The jackpot also pays out in smaller increments for anything between a flush ($75) and straight flush (10% of jackpot).  

How to Buy and Deposit Bitcoin

When you’re ready to make your first deposit with Bitcoin, you’ll need to do some basic groundwork to get up and running. First, a digital wallet is needed to facilitate Bitcoin transactions and ‘hold’ your cryptocurrency. For extra security, we recommend downloading one straight onto your smartphone instead of using the web-based options. Digital wallets are available through iPhone and Android App Stores free of charge. 

In addition to a wallet, you’ll need to be connected to a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in order to buy and sell Bitcoin. Most often, digital wallet apps also include an exchange, which makes your Bitcoin transactions streamlined and simple. If not, however, signing up for an exchange account is straightforward and will require an ID check. Coinbase and Blockchain are both examples of beginner-friendly wallets that include exchanges.

With the necessary programs downloaded and installed onto your smartphone, you’re ready to buy Bitcoin and deposit it into your Ignition Casino account. The process of buying cryptocurrency is simple – just follow the prompts to buy at market value in the exchange. Upon purchase, the funds are forwarded to your wallet, where you can decide to keep or use for online transactions. 

In order to make a Bitcoin deposit at Ignition, you need to open your wallet and click the “Send” button. Type in the amount of Bitcoin you wish to send and paste in the digital address code for your Ignition Casino account; to retrieve the digital address code, log in to your Ignition account and follow the steps to make a deposit. The code is automatically generated when you select ‘Bitcoin’ as a deposit method and ready for you to copy and paste into your wallet.

Once the funds are sent, it takes roughly 20 minutes for the deposit to arrive into your Ignition account. You’ll notice that it appears in USD in your bankroll—we convert it automatically to protect our Bitcoin players’ bankrolls from any market fluctuations. Not to worry, you can request to have your bankroll switched back to BTC upon withdrawal free of charge. Then it’s up to you to do whatever you’d like with your Bitcoin. Keep them as an investment, or convert them to a fiat currency. The choice is yours.