If you’ve played Blackjack games for a while, you’re probably aware of the Single Deck and Double Deck variations – these are played at casinos around the world, including right here at Ignition Casino. But have you tried some of the more exotic online Blackjack variations? There are dozens of different twists on the most popular “banking” game in the world. In this guide, we’ve included all the ways you can play real money Blackjack games at Ignition Casino and conclude it with a run-down on everything you should know about our incredibly popular variant, Double Deck Blackjack.


Online Blackjack: Decks Variations

In our online casino, Blackjack varies based on the number of decks in the shoe. There can be one deck, two decks, six decks or even eight decks. We’ll explain how they each work and list the rules to each version available at Ignition Casino. 

Single Deck Blackjack

With just one deck in the shoe, the Single Deck Blackjack game is the version most players prefer. Having fewer decks in a shoe equates to a lower house edge, making Single Deck Blackjack coveted by advantage players everywhere. Just think, when you see an Ace on the table in Single Deck Blackjack game, you can be fairly certain that there are only three more Aces in the deck, which could impact your decision to hit or stand.

Our two versions of Single Deck Blackjack (Classic and New) have the Dealer hitting on soft 17. This is how most Blackjack games are played nowadays and while it results in the Dealer busting more often, it means that the Dealer no longer has to face off with Ace-Six, which is a weak score. Not many land-based casinos offer Single Deck Blackjack games, and the ones that do often decrease the Blackjack payouts to 6:5. Rest assured, our versions pay 3:2 when you land a natural. You can wager between $1 and $300 per round on a single hand and split up to two hands. There are no restrictions on doubling at the table.

Double Deck Blackjack

There’s a reason why our Double Deck Blackjack game draws Blackjack aficionados from the US and Australia: it’s one of the only versions that has the Dealer stand on soft 17 while maintaining 3:2 payouts for Blackjack. The soft 17 rule means the Dealer will not hit with an Ace-Six, which benefits you. This rule decreases the house edge by approximately 0.22%.

Beyond the soft 17 benefit, our Double Deck Blackjack has a $1 betting minimum and a $250 maximum. Just like with Single Deck Blackjack games, you can split up to two hands and double any two cards. There are some restrictions around split Aces; they receive just one card after being split, and if they receive a 10-value card, it’s not considered Blackjack.


Multi-Deck Blackjack

Multi-Deck Blackjack is any version of the game that includes more than two decks in the shoe. Typically, you’re looking at six-deck and eight-deck variants; however, our casino just has the former, which is the format of The New Blackjack and 21 Blackjack Classic games.

The New Blackjack

The eye-catching design of The New Blackjack simplifies gameplay and gives you more control over music and background audio. You also get to choose between three uniquely-designed decks of cards for a truly custom experience. This version of Blackjack works better with smartphones than the Classic. You can still play the Classic version of this Blackjack at Ignition – try them both to see which ones you like the most. Both let you play up to three hands per round and include the Surrender option. 

European Blackjack

At many online casinos in Europe (outside of the United Kingdom), the Player makes all of his moves before the Dealer receives the second card. This rule doesn’t affect play in any obvious way until the Dealer receives an Ace. Normally, the Dealer would “peak” for Blackjack before you make your move, but in European Blackjack, there’s no peaking, so you could be hitting or doubling against an unbeatable hand. 

With this version of the game, the Dealer must stand on soft 17, and the Player may only double down on hard 9-11. The same rules apply when you play European Blackjack at Ignition. There is also no Surrender in European Blackjack.

If you’re wondering how these slight rule variations affect the odds, the doubling restriction decreases the theoretical Return to Player by 0.09%, and the absence of the Dealer’s hole card further decreases the payback percentage by 0.11%. That being said, the Dealer standing on soft 17 is a serious bonus to Blackjack players looking for an edge. 

Perfect Pairs

This is a typical six-deck Blackjack game, but you also get to place a side bet that pays off anytime you get dealt a Pair with your first two cards at the table. A Mixed Pair (e.g. KsKd) pays out at 6:1, a Colored Pair (e.g. KhKd) is worth 12:1, and a Perfect Pair (e.g. KcKc) earns you the top prize of 25:1. These prizes are yours regardless of whether or not your hand beats the Dealer's.

It's hard to understand the value of this side bet without knowing the odds of winning. The odds of landing a Mixed Pair are 3.85%. The odds of landing a Colored Pair are 1.92%, and the odds of landing a Perfect Pair are 1.68%. Beyond the side bet, this version of Blackjack lets you adjust the volume and card speed for the game. You can also play up to two hands per round at the table. 

Zappit Blackjack

Blackjack would be a lot easier if you never got dealt hard 15-17. With Zappit Blackjack, you can make those two cards disappear by hitting the ZAP button, then you’ll get two new hole cards to play with. In exchange, if the Dealer busts with a 22, it’s a push instead of a win for you.

This twist on traditional Blackjack uses a six-deck shoe that is shuffled after every round. Just like our standard versions of Blackjack, Zappit Blackjack pays 3:2 when you land a natural. The Dealer must hit soft 17, which isn’t ideal, but you get to double freely, and split any pair for up to three hands. Split Aces, however, receive just one card and aren’t considered a Blackjack when they receive a 10-value card.


Everything You Need to Know About Double Deck Blackjack

When you play Blackjack online, real money is at stake. That’s why it’s beneficial to play a version with a low house edge. Start with Double Deck Blackjack at Ignition Casino. It’s our only Blackjack game, other than European, that has the Dealer stand on Soft 17– something that improves your odds of winning. With better odds, Double Deck Blackjack should be everyone’s go-to Blackjack variant.



The goal of Double Deck Blackjack is the same as any Blackjack game: Get a higher score than the Dealer without exceeding 21.


How to Play Blackjack

At the start of every round, you and the Dealer are dealt two cards each. Both of your cards are dealt face down, whereas only one of the Dealer’s cards is dealt face down; the other is visible.

The score of your hand is shown beside your cards. If it’s low, you likely want to request another card (Hit). If it’s close to 21, stick with what you have (Stand). If one more card would make your hand incredibly valuable, double your bet and receive just one more card (Double). Depending on your score, you may get to Hit multiple times.

At the end of the round, the Dealer’s cards are revealed, and the person with the higher score wins. Scores that exceed 21 are a bust.

Two other actions that pop up from time to time are the Split and Insurance. For the Split, you can divide two cards of equal value into two separate hands by using the Split button. You’ll then choose to Hit, Stand, or Double for each of your two hands separately.

As for Insurance, when the Dealer’s visible card (the upcard) shows an Ace, you’ll be asked if you’d like Insurance, which is a side bet that pays out if the Dealer has Blackjack (a perfect score of 21 with the first two cards). The cost is half of your initial bet.


Point System

The points for Blackjack are tallied automatically, making it easy to keep track of, but for the sake of learning, card values are as follows:

2-10 are face value.

Aces are worth either 1 point or 11.

Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10 points.



All online Blackjack games at Ignition Casino pay 3:2 for getting that perfect 21, 2:1 for insurance wins, and even-money for all other wins. A tie between Player and Dealer results in a push, where your bet is returned.



The following strategy tips are specific to Double Deck Blackjack where the dealer stands on soft 17, allows doubles after splits, and doesn’t offer the option to Surrender. You’ll find strategy charts online that should be memorized as part of your training, but here are three tips to get you started:

• Always stand on hard 17 and higher.

• Always split Aces and Eights.

• Always double Elevens.

Now that you know what to expect at the Blackjack section of our casino and the best strategy tips, it’s time to start exploring new ways to play online Blackjack for real money. If you haven’t tried it yet, Double Deck Blackjack is a great starting table. See if you notice a difference with the Dealer standing on soft 17.